Ali Nemati Date of Birth: 18-Oct-1984 , Educational Background: – B.A in Architecture from Islamic Azad University in 2009 – Master Degree in Interior Design from Islamic Azad University in 2018 Experiences and Personal Attributes: – Head of Architectural Design in Eade va Ejra Consulting Engineers since 2009 – Personal activities in Figurative Design – Familiar and experienced with Iranian Classic Music (Sitar instrument) Personal Note: Considering my family’s interest in arts and especially my father being a professional architect, from early ages in my childhood I have been interested and excited about fine arts including painting and sculpting and painting has always been a daily activity in my life. In my teenage days, I worked at my father’s office part time and after starting university this worked continued on a more serious basis as an assistant and finally it turned into a professional carrier in architecture after graduation. Project strategizing, architectural design, details design, technical coordination (Electricity and mechanics), negotiations with clients and interior design have been my major experiences in the past 11 years.


In case we believe design’s concept – as an important gate to enter variety of arts – has a unified and invariant definition with different aspects, we shall apperceive no actual substantial difference between Architecture, Painting and sculpting exists considering designer mentality and they originate from the same mettle in the mind. The present collection is created according to personal experiences based on architectural mindset as a profession and figurative design state as a mental busyness; hereupon during the architectural design presence of figurative design state has been sensed. Ultimately, I was inspired to design formations and constructions based on figurative perspective to enable the design convergence of architectural and figurative design genre which the present collection is an effort in this orientation. I hereby dedicate this exhibition to my two compassionate and tender-hearted mentors. The great men who have thought me honestly and I have loved them amorously. My Dear Father; Masoud Nemati My Lifelong Teacher; Ahmad Vakili.